Organization to Develop Our Villages

We work to build capacity and empower vulnerable groups and community based organizations. We envision Cambodian people (both female and male) living in a positive environment with dignity, good health, and peace.

Our Story

ODOV initially began as the Mesang Integrated Community Development Program in 1996, a project of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), before becoming localized in 2004. In April 2005, ODOV was recognized and registered with Cambodia’s Ministry of Interior. For over two decades, ODOV has grown to provide tools and knowledge to empower many disadvantaged Cambodians.

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What We Do

ODOV is focused on providing tools and knowledge to Cambodians. Our staff brings backgrounds in rural development as well as years of training and experience implementing sustainable food security, community finance and income generation, homestead food production, local governance, community nutrition, climate change, and more. ODOV is able to provide needed knowledge to the people who are vulnerable.

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Our Values:

ODOV works to enhance or empower the local community (particularly underrepresented groups) and civil society regardless of political views, religion, and nationality.

We therefore value quality, justice, participation, transparency, and accountability and work to ensure that our organizational practice reflects these values.