ODOV Projects

ODOV does rural development work in several districts in Prey Veng Province of Cambodia. There are two main areas of focus in which ODOV specializes: food security and vocational training. These are both aimed at increasing the capacity of local inhabitants and their communities to practice sustainable livelihoods and adapt to problems associated with climate change.

Food Security Projects

Food security projects make up the largest portion of ODOV’s work, and these often vary depending on the particular grant or partner organization helping to provide funding. ODOV works with primarily very poor farmers, and food security is of growing importance in a region so vulnerable to the already visible and further antiquated impacts of climate change. Farmers and their families directly involved in this program benefit directly from this program, and entire communities benefit indirectly through enhanced food and financial security as well. In this area of work ODOV has facilitated the formation of many Village Banks, Agricultural Cooperatives, and Producer Groups, and led trainings, set up model farms, and provided support for farmers to construct fish ponds, vegetable gardens, raise poultry, and other sustainable agriculture initiatives.

Vocational Training Projects

Vocational training projects involve providing opportunities for local youth to learn a useful skill in an apprenticeship program under a skilled professional. Upon graduation from the program, ODOV helps participants to establish themselves in an existing or new business. The purpose of this program is to create local options for employment that do not require migration for low-wage, exploitative, unskilled labor in Phnom Penh or neighboring countries. Some of the past and current vocational trainings offered are Moto repair, small electronic repair, and cosmetology. In addition to directly impacting the individual being trained, this program has many indirect benefits for the community where this trade is being practiced as well.