Job Announcement

ODOV is an independent non-profit NGO which works to enhance and empower the local community [particularly underrepresented groups] and civil society regardless of political views, religion and nationality. Our VISION is that Cambodian people are living in a positive environment where they can enjoy dignity, health, democracy, peace, justice and better livelihoods. ODOV is actively seeking applications from energetic, self-motivated, dynamic candidates to volunteer working for ODOV on a member’s Board of Directors.

Main Responsibilities:
1. Oversee governance and strategic development of organization to ensure that the goal of the organization is implemented.
2. Approve and review the fiscal year program budget of ODOV.
3. Provide oversight of organizational budget.
4. Coordinate and provide solutions to problems that may rise within the organization, and review and approve the organizational policies.
5. Participate/observe a sample of ODOV project activities.
6. Meet on a quarterly basis and act as a counselor to the Executive Director.
7. Help organization in fund raising and ensure appropriate use of funds.

Board members are honest people with a good reputation, comprehensive skill-set, suitable experience in managing/leading organizations, and who have the following qualifications:
 Shared vision with ODOV
 Promote innovation and growth.
 Serve as a role model.
 Act strategically.
 Ensure a strong relationship between the Board of Directors and the Executive Director,
 Willing to serve under the leadership of the Board Chair.
 Promote effective fiscal management.
 Participate in successful fund raising.
 Provide oversight to programs and services.
 Contribute to effective Board meetings.
 Contribute to effective Board relationships.
 Contribute to effective conflict resolution when conflicts arise within the organization.

Closing Date: 30th September 2017

Note: The BoD is a voluntary member. ODOV does not provide any salary, but ODOV will cover any costs that related to ODOV work.

Interested candidates must submit a CV and a cover letter to the ODOV office, Mesang district, Prey Veng Province or by email at For further information please contact Mr. Tes Sopheat, ODOV Executive Director at phone: 012 976 223 or by email: