A young boy is bending down his head to fix a cell phone thoroughly. There are few people standing closed by and watching the young boy is repairing a cell phone. When the young boy recognizes a voice of the staff, saying hello to him, he raises up his face with good smiling and says welcome to the staff. The young boy looks happily with the work he is doing.

As the young boy is free from his work, the staff requests for a time to interview him about his business as well as his life. A young boy tells that his name is Ren Rasey, 22 years old, lives in Kruos Village, Prey Khnes Commune, Mesang District, Prey Veng Province. He has two siblings and he is the oldest child. He continues that because of the family was poor he had to drop school when he was in grade 9 in 2013, then migrated to look for a job in Phnom Penh. Rasey used be a construction worker, and his wage was 30,000 Khmer Riels ($7.50) a day. Rasey complained that working as construction worker was very difficult. It was a very heavy and difficult job, he worked even during the sun was very hot or it was raining.

“I worked as a construction workers for many years, and I did not have any money left. The amount of money that I earned, I spent daily day, waiting for work to do. Until I had gotten work to do, I spent all of my money that I made in previous days. I sometime did not have money to buy my food” Said by Rasey. 

Rasey decided to return home for health treatment as he had gotten problem with nose and throat (Rhinitis nose and esophageal tumors).

Rasey found out ODOV program, and he was accepted to participate in the training program.  Rasey started learning phone repair with his master craft in 08th November 2019 where it was about 7 kilometers long from his house. Rasey tried hard and concentrated on his study.  Through his efforts and commitment, five months later Rasey is acquired adequate skills, and increased self-confident with his work in cell phones repair. With the technical support from ODOV staff, Rasey was able to develop his business plan. He followed his business plan and purchased all things that he needs for operating his business. Ultimately in May 2020, Rasey started his own business. Nowadays, his business is running well.  

“Every day, I can make incomes around 100,000 Khmer Riels ($25) through repairing phones and installed variety programs in phones. Sometimes, I can make money to up to 400,000 Khmer Riels ($100) per day. On average, I can make profit $500 per month” Said by Rasey. 

A story of Rasey is a good example for other youth in the community to learn from him so they can receive a better life in the future.


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