I (ODOV staff) stopped my moto cycle and went into the house of aunt, Chhim Thoeun. I saw aunt, Chhim Thoeun is busy feeding her chickens. I looked at her chicken’s farm, it was attractive and it was well organized. I was impressive in her work. I walked straightly to have a conversation with her. I said to her, you look so much busy. Aunt, Chhim Thoeun replied “Yes, my family is very busy these months, because we are trying hard to raise chickens and we hope to get good yields/productions, receive a better incomes to support family and improve our lives”.

Aunt, Chhim Thoeun is 45 years old, lives in Trav Village, Kokhchork Commune, Kampong Trabaek Distric, Prey Veng Province. Aunt, Chhim Thoeurn is one of ODOV target households whom ODOV worked with. Aunt was a sing mother, poor living condition, and she has three children under her responsibility. Before participating in ODOV project, the living condition of family of aunt, Chhim Thoeun was so difficult. Her family did not have enough food to eat and she was forced to borrow money from money lender to purchase food. Her oldest daughter dropped school and migrated to Phnom Penh to look for a job to make money to support the family and to help repay her debts.

Aunt, Chhim Thoeun participated in ODOV food security project funded by CFGB- MCC in June 2016. She obtained knowledge and skills on agriculture techniques through participating the training and ongoing technical support provided by ODOV project staff. Aunt, Chhim Thoeun, applied knowledge that she learned to raise chickens and she received successfully. Her business in raising chickens has been getting bigger and bigger. Through the profits she earned, she re-invested in her business. She was able to purchase her own egg incubator and expanded her farm chicken-raising.  She now raises about 50 hens and hundreds of adult chickens and hundreds of chicks. She is able to make profits about 350,000-500,000 Khmer Riels ($85-$125) per month from chicken-raising business.

In addition to raising chickens, aunt, Chhim Thoeun also raises fish and grow vegetables for their household consumption. Aunt, Chheum Thoeun’s family has a better living condition after being successful in raising chickens.

“I am very happy that my family have improved living condition, my family has enough food to eat. I have incomes and I am able to pay for my children’s daily education” Said by Aunt, Chhim Thoeun.

Lastly, aunt, Chhim would like to thank ODOV and donors CFGB-MCC who provided supports and assistance to help improve her family living condition.


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