ODOV staff goes across one of their target villages in Kapong Trabaek district, staff sees a bland name called Mongkul Daneth, Traditional and Modern Wedding Embellishment,  make up, hairstyle, and nails”. It was posted next to a small salon shop with a Zinc roof. Looking into a shop, the staff sees a young girl is busy doing hairstylist for a customer thoroughly with a good smiling on her face. In the shop, there are several young girls who come to receive the services: fingernails, hairstylist, hair colors, etc.  ODOV staff stops her moto cylce and walks into the shop to talk to these girls. As the staff enters the shop, a young girl, Phal Boneth who is the owner of the shop is smiling and says welcome to the staff.

When the staff sees Boneth is free from her work, the staff asks Boneth for her permission to interview her about her life and business. Boneth tells that she is 21 years old, lives in Ansoung Village, Ansoung Commune, Kampong Trabaek District, Prey Veng Province. Nowadays, Boneth lives with her mother and other her three siblings. Boneth decided to migrate from home to look for a job in Phnom Penh in order to earn money to support the family after she finished school due to a poor family living conditions

Boneth found a job, working in a selling moto cycle shop. She explained that it was a very busy job, and she was allowed to have only one day off per month. However, she worked in the moto cycle selling shop about year.

“I did not have extra money left due to cost of living was expensive in Phnom Penh. Then I decided to resign from my work and wanted to earn a living with family at home” Said by Boneth.

Ultimately, Boneth returned home. She heard about ODOV program that selecting youth to participate in the vocational training skills, she was interested to participate in the training program. She was accepted to attend in the program. Boneth participated in the program in 02nd December 2019 to learn about cosmetic, make up, hairdressing with her master craft in her community about 5 kilometers from her home. Boneth was very committed, patient and tried to learn hard.

With the support from ODOV staff to assist her in writing a business plan along with free interest loans from ODOV, Boneth has begun her small business, a beauty’s shop.  Her efforts and commitment, Boneth’s knowledge and skills have improved and customers have increased in confident and trust in her. More and more customers knew her and came into her shop to receive the services such as buying goods, receiving make-up, haircut, hair colors or nails. Gradually, her business grows up from one day to another. Nowadays, her business is running well and she is able to earn profits around 400,000-600,000 Khmer Riels ($100-$150) per month. The profits that she earned have been used to support her family livings conditions and she saved some to expand her business.

“I am very happy when I receive assistance from Organization to Develop Our Villages (ODOV) to participate in the vocational training program. I am happy that I have my own skills and I can use my skills to run my business successfully to earn income to support my family. I am happy that I can start my business at home where I can live closely with my mother and my siblings. I expect that I will be able to make more money in the future when COVID pandemic-19 is gone” Said by Phal Boneth.

ODOV is pleased to see Boneth’s business is successful. We wish her is healthy and continue to grow in her business.


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