In a selling and repairing cell phone shop, a young man is sitting and fixing cellphone thoroughly, and he is very satisfied  with the work he is doing. The young man, Chheang Chhay Ly, 18, is now 11th grade student at Mesang High School. Chhay ly lives in Roboh Pchet village, Prey Khnes commune, Mesang district, Prey Veng province. His father, Chuon Chheang, is 54 years old and works as a farmer. His mother, Ate Aun is 51 years old and works as a farmer. He has 5 siblings, 3 sisters and one brother. He is the youngest child in the family.


After seeing Chhay Ly was a bit free from his work, ODOV staff took an opportunity to ask him about the information that related to mobile phone repair and income earned from the work. “I always get mobile phones from friends and neighbors and fix them here when I am free from my study, both at public and private school classes. On average, I can earn around $15-$25 per month. The money that I earned was used to support my education. “Explained by Chhay Ly


Chhay Ly was selected to attend a training course on cell phone repair at High School in May 2017 through March 2018, with ODOV Vocational Training Program, supported by MCC’s Global Family. Through the participation in the project, Chheang Chhay Ly, acquired successful cell phone repairing skills, and put this skill to practice to earn income.


Regarding a question, why Chhay Ly does not start a cellphone repair shop at his own home, Chhay Ly told ODOV staff that every day he is busy studying, and he has to leave home for school at 6am and return home from school at 6pm, and the distance from home to school back and forth is about 40 kilometers away. He added that every day, he has free time of about an hour and a half after lunch time, and in the meantime, he works at this selling and repairing cell phone shop to make some income to support his education and daily expenses  as well as gaining experiences from this business. If he starts this cell phone repair at his home, it does does not give enough time to repair the phone for customers.



Chhay Ly is in a poor family, his parents are farmers and depending on rice cultivation. Understanding his difficult living conditions, Chhay Ly was motivated to decide to apply for a mobile phone repair training. During his training classes, Chhay Ly paid attention to learning, respecting his time and having good communication with the teachers and students in the group. Chhay Ly successfully completed the training program on cell phone repair and transition to using these skills to earn income to support his education.

Vocational Story 2


“I am very happy that I have been successful in repairing cell phones, and I can use this skill to earn money to support my study and daily expenses. I do not have to ask for money from my parents. In the future, I hope to start up  my own cell phone repair shop to earn income for the family, “Chheang Chhay Ly. said




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