Brother You Sarun, 56 years old, and his wife Sek Nam, 60 years old, have six children together, four boys and two girls. They all live in Horb village, KhorKhchork commune, Kampong Trabaek district, Prey Veng province. Their living condition was poor and dependent upon rice cultivation in a small plot of rice field that they owned.

“I am very much happy. Since I participated with ODOV project, make my family lives and meets together. I have food to eat and make income to support my family through implement food security activity. Before, I did not expect that I do these such works and receive income but only one thing that I have to migrate outside village to seek for work, so I can make income. In fact, what I thought was wrong” You Sarun said.

Brother You Sarun was one of the beneficiaries who have been participated with ODOVPICD project since June 2014. Through the project, he has obtained with training on sustainable agriculture techniques as well as receiving some agriculture inputs. With these resources and technical supports enabling Sarun’s family implement the food security activity at their home.picture12Photo: Brother Sarun harvesting cucumbers from his home garden.

Brother Sarun has prepared a home garden, size 20meteres long and 10 meters width. He grew different varieties of vegetables, over 7 varieties. Along with vegetable cultivation, he also grew fish and raise chickens. With his attempting and efforts, his family has increased food for household consumption as well as some additional income from selling the surplus produced. His family has access to vegetable or fish meat or chicken meat on daily basic. He was able to harvest vegetables and sale for income around $3-$5 per day. Furthermore, he also received some income from selling chick meat around $7-$10 per month.

My family members, children and grandchildren are healthy because they can eat to nutritious food that I produced. In particularly, one thing that I could not forget in mind was that I gained more understanding the value of doing these such works” You Sarun said.

Before participating with ODOVPICD project, he often migrated outside village to seek for work as construction worker in Phnom Penh in order to earn more money to support the family.

I am very much grateful and thanks to ODOV and donors who come to work and helping mentoring my family as well as other community members in my village to work together and increased solidarity through village bank”. You Sarun said  picture8 Photo: Brother Sarun and his wife Sister Nam with their grandchildren.

This above story is just a case of showing the impact ODOVPICD project that has been implemented in the past years. ODOVPIDC project provided significant change for many more farm families in rural areas of Prey Veng province. Farmers have options access to nutritious food for daily household consumption as well as receiving income to support family’s need. They enjoyed meeting living together in the family.


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